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1. How many times can my youth/athlete train per week and what is optimal?
S&S Training suggest 2 – 3 days per week. S&S Training will only be once a week at this time.

2. Does it matter what sport or league my youth/athlete participated in?
No S&S Training was designed to be  appropriate for all youth athletes.

3. What is youth sports performance training?
Sports performance training focuses on training a young athlete to be the best he/she can be in his/her chosen sport. The first 8 weeks of training are based on strengthening foundations of any good athlete: speed, agility, strength and self-confidence.

4. How much does it cost?
$5 a week. 

5. How long will it take to see results?
Results depend on the effort your youth/athlete puts into the training. But you will begin seeing results after only several weeks.

6. How is the S&S Training different than other youth sports performance offerings?
Our founder, Coach Dee, has been training and participating in sports for 35+ years and in currently in Murray , Utah and Herriman, Utah he has been coaching for 6 years. It was when his own son joining the Herriman Mustang Youth football that he found a gap in the training that he believe he could fill. It was after a couple years of coaching in this program and a overly successful test run that he decided to share the methodologies and programming that where breed into him as youth athlete. He found that his his hard nose training mixed with his strong reinforcement created a recipe that his players not only trusted but advanced in.  

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